On February 26-29   2020  the world's biggest oriental dance festival will celebrate 16th edition- the Eilat Festival.  It's a unique event- combining Deluxe resort hospitality with an intense schedule, full of shows, classes, parties, & competition- for fans of oriental & Latin dance in any age.
This mega event is organized by Orit Maftsir & Yael Moav in Israel, located in the Isrotel Sport Hotel on the Red Sea shore in Eilat.
For 4 full days guest are dancing everywhere in the hotel, enjoying full board hospitality, free drinks and free alcohol at night parties. It's a paradise- and the hotel is designed specially to match the heaven concept of ALL INCLUSIVE event under the summer sun of Eilat- in February!
Find here at the TOOLBAR all the information about the progam, teacehrs, registration and prices.

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